How to use Procreate's automation feature: View your tattoos on the client's body

How to use Procreate's automation feature: View your tattoos on the client's body


If you are a tattoo artist, you know how important it is to visualize a tattoo idea on the client's body before starting work. In the past, this was mostly done through paper sketches or digital drawings, but now Procreate has made the process even easier and more precise with its automation feature.

Procreate's automation feature is an advanced option that allows you to view your design as if it were already tattooed on the client's skin. This feature is especially useful if you're working on a custom or complex design, where it's important to make sure the design works well on the client's body.

To use the automation feature, follow these simple steps:


    1. Create your design on Procreate using a canvas the same size as the client's body.
    2. Select the automation function from the top right icon.
    3. Choose a photo of the client's body from Procreate's gallery or take a photo directly from the app's camera.
    4. Place the design on the desired body part using drag and drop.
    5. Adjust the size, opacity and position of the design until you're happy with the result. 
    6. Save the image and show the result to the customer. 



Procreate's automation feature is a big step forward in creating custom tattoos, but for even more customization options, I recommend checking out the human 3D models available on our site. These templates allow you to view the tattoo design on a virtual body, in a variety of different poses and angles, so you get an even better idea of ​​the final result. By using these templates in conjunction with Procreate's automation feature, you'll be able to achieve even more accurate and satisfying results for you and your customers. Visit our site.