Essential techniques for a professional tattoo artist

Essential techniques for a professional tattoo artist


As a professional tattoo artist, it is essential to know the most used tattoo techniques in order to offer your clients high quality results. These techniques are many and each has advantages and disadvantages that must be carefully evaluated based on the customer's needs and your technical skills.

Let's find out together the main tattoo techniques and how to best use them.


  1. Traditional needle tattoo: Tattooing with traditional needles is one of the oldest and still widespread techniques. It is a manual method that involves the use of single or group needles, combined with a special handle to create the puncture in the skin. This technique requires a lot of precision and patience, but allows you to get very precise and detailed results, especially for small tattoos.
  2. Coil machine tattoo: The coil tattoo machine is the most common tool used by professional tattoo artists. This tool allows you to adjust the speed of the needle and the depth of the puncture, making the technique very versatile and suitable for any type of tattoo. The coil machine is ideal for creating large tattoos and offers the possibility of using needles of different sizes and with different configurations to create thin or thick lines and precise shading.
  3. Rotary tattoo machine: The rotary machine is a newer technology than the coil machine, but increasingly used by professional tattoo artists. This tool allows you to work faster and more precisely, thanks to the possibility of regulating the speed and depth of the needle with greater precision. The rotary machine is particularly suitable for creating detailed and precise tattoos, even on very sensitive skin.
  4. Freehand tattoo: Freehand tattooing is a very creative and original technique that involves using a pen or felt-tip pen instead of traditional needles or a machine. This technique allows you to obtain very detailed and precise tattoos, but requires a lot of experience and skill. Freehand tattooing is ideal for making small tattoos, such as letters or symbols.



In conclusion, knowing tattoo making techniques is essential for any tattoo artist who wants to offer his clients high quality work. And thanks to the use of software such as Procreate, which allows you to simulate the experience of a real machine needle, you can improve your skills and experiment with new techniques in an innovative and efficient way.

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